Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek P2 Utility Project

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Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek P2 Utility Project

The Pyeongtaek Samsung Electronics P2 Project was aimed at adding a large-scale semiconductor production line with a gross area of 128,999㎡ to the P1 Line in Godeok Industrial Complex in Pyeongtaek. The project built an integrated production line that not only produces cutting-edge third-generation 10-nanometer mobile DRAM using the EUV process for the first time in the industry but also the next-generation V-NAND and ultra-micro foundries. We constructed the infrastructure that supplies utilities, such as cold water, steam, pressurized air, and industrial water, required for the D-RAM, V-NAND, foundry and EUV processes in the P2 line and built a facility that can supply up to 240,000 refrigeration tons of cold water per day. In the P2 Project, we provided the most optimized utility system that minimized interference with the operating areas of the plant by applying a block-unit layout design of the UT and CT buildings based on the experience we gained from completing the P1 Project. In addition, we implemented various technologies to improve the design, such as applying the PTW wall, using more pipe rack modules, and expanding the scope of equipment skids. As a result, we were able to minimize site work and shorten the construction period, which led to a higher level of quality and safety.

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