Talent Development

We provide various training programs and learning opportunities tailored to the development needs of employees with the aim to nurture the world's best technological talents.

EPC Expertise

Our intensive job training programs for marketing, project management, engineering, procurement, and construction are designed to nurture experts in each field.

  • PM, P/CM Academy : 
    Nurture next-generation project leaders who steer projects toward success and push for experience and innovation
  • Project Leader Training Course : 
    Enhance the job competency of candidates for key functional roles in projects
  • Online EPC Job Training Course : 
    Self-learning courses on the basics of each EPC function offered year-round to all employees


Our leadership courses enhance various leadership capabilities to achieve mid- and long-term visions and nurture a group of competent leaders who can drive future growth.

  • Leadership Course for Managerial Positions : 
    Train managers to exercise the right leadership and understand the required roles and mindsets
  • Executive Leadership Course : 
    Develop leadership that drives innovation and growth and propels the organization to higher performance

Core Value

Our introductory courses help new employees understand our corporate culture and core values and share our common vision.

  • Introductory Course for New Entry-Level and Experienced-Level Employees : 
    Onboarding course that facilitates new employees to swiftly acclimate to the organization and achieve their full proficiency
  • Introductory Course for New Middle Managers : 
    Enhance the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of middle managers and provide motivation for continuous growth


We drive innovation through our new courses which are designed to accommodate fast-changing trends and client needs.

  • DT Training : 
    Help employees understand and relate with digital transformation and acquire technology that will enhance their work efficiency
  • ESG Training : 
    Deepen the understanding of the need of ESG and our role in sustainable business management