We provide an integrated service in various industrial sectors ranging from oil and gas processing, refinery, petrochemical, industrial, environmental, bio to green solutions and enhance the future value of our clients with our extensive experience, meticulous project management, and advanced technology.

FEL 1Feasibility Study / Concept Study

In the FEL 1 phase, various investigation and analysis is conducted to provide an optimized solution in order to help the client determine the project feasibility.

Based on our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the purpose of the client’s project, we provide an optimized solution for project feasibility evaluation and verification. We perform the configuration engineering according to the initial concept, compare and evaluate various alternative scenarios, and establish a master plan considering the technological and financial feasibility of the project and potential risks to ensure the success of the project.


In the FEL 2 phase, we evaluate the project feasibility and develop the concept based on the case the client selected after reviewing the FEL 2 analysis to support the effective decision-making required in the initial planning of the project, such as estimating the budget and construction schedule.

We provide information to help the client identify and address potential risks and help them make a decision that maximizes the possibility of project success by applying our project execution expertise and experience. We elaborate the selected project case based on FEL 1 to choose the required technology, licensor package and processes and provide the results of the feasibility study of the basic execution plan.


In the FEL 3 phase, execution of the project is decided based on the exact construction period, cost and quality level, and a detailed execution plan for engineering, procurement and construction is established.

Based on our extensive experience, we apply the core technologies, new construction methods and main equipment and materials required for the project in the basic design and establish a plan that covers all project requirements, including utilities and offsite system. Using our years of knowhow, we identify and eliminate change-causing factors to minimize additional cost and effort.


We provide the most optimized financing solution to the client from the initial project development phase based on our experience in working with various financial institutions, such as export credit agencies, global commercial banks, and multilateral development banks. To ensure the bankability of the project, we arrange the financing through close communication and discussion with the financial institutions and support the successful execution of the project by taking part in the equity investment as a construction investor (CI).



We provide the best engineering solution optimized to the process requirements based on our experience in basic and detail design in various industries, such as oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical.

We have a systematic engineering work process that uses the Engineering Data Platform (EDP) to ensure successful execution of the project. This process ensures data integrity and improved work efficiency by automating all engineering areas and integrating project data on a single platform.



We have an organized supply network for supplier selection, purchase agreement, raw material supply, manufacturing management, inspection and transportation. We utilize our International Procurement Office (IPO) to select competent suppliers and manage the procurement process and support the continuous development of our suppliers based on our philosophy of joint-growth management.

We monitor the entire procurement process to ensure the quality of the equipment and materials and comply with the schedule. We apply advanced technologies, such as 3D route simulation for finding the most optimal transportation route, to enhance procurement efficiency and enable flawless product supply.



We place safety, quality and schedule compliance as the top priority in project execution and ensure efficient project management by a designated team composed of experts and skilled workers.

We provide the best solution that is customized to the site conditions through continuous innovation, such as modularization, Smart Shop, and development of new construction methods, and achieve a “zero-accident” site and ensure the best quality by providing systematic support and assigning competent supervisors.



Based on our extensive experience in various project phases ranging from plant construction, commissioning to handover, we provide all the technology required from preparing for commissioning to performance test.

We offer specialized services in the ethylene, ethylene glycol, propane dehydrogenation (PDH), gas, and polymer process, which require specific technological skills and experience, and have been recognized for our competency.


Operation & Maintenance

We offer various services to support the efficient and optimized plant operation of our clients. Our strength is especially notable in the environmental projects run by public institutions with private-sector participation thanks to our expertise in the environmental business.

We are currently operating various environmental facilities in Korea, such as wastewater treatment facilities and incineration plants, and water treatment plants of overseas public-private partnership (PPP) projects. Our energy-saving technologies based on smart operation/management, stable treatment of wastewater and solid waste, and secure maintenance of facilities have earned us deep-rooted trust from our clients.

Project Management

We secured a unique competitive edge with our integrated management system that manages and operates the entire project cycle and improved our project execution capability by innovating our work process through digital transformation (DT). We enhanced our project management capability by forecasting and proactively managing the project execution outcome through integrated management of processes, risks analysis based on knowledge management, and system-based planning. We also stick to the construction schedule and budget and ensure successful completion of the project and handover to the client by responding to the market situation and schedule changes with flexibility through global sourcing and supply network management.