Project Delivery

We are automating our work process through digital transformation (DT) with the aim to improve efficiency and create new business models, and ultimately become a leader in the EPC industry.

Shorten the Construction Period and Minimize Risks

We offer the 'AHEAD' execution model, an innovative redesign of the conventional project execution method, to take the lead in the advanced global EPC market. The AHEAD execution model, which is based on the Engineering Data Platform (EDP), brings intelligence and automation to all EPC areas and is composed of Design AHEAD, Build AHEAD and Integrate AHEAD.

Design AHEAD enables preemptive schedule management by finalizing the design early on using design automation and our special S-PEpC and L-EPC package strategies; Build AHEAD maximizes offsite construction to improve productivity and strengthen safety at the site; and Integrate AHEAD enhances the productivity and quality at the site through proactive integrated management. Applying the solutions comprising these three AHEAD models, we have improved profitability and minimized risks by innovating the way we work and dramatically shortening the construction period.

01 Design

02 Build

03 Integrate

Beyond EPC Solution

We provide professional expertise for the green solution sector to lead the way in addressing global climate change issues.