We strongly believe that the growth of our partners is directly related to improving our competency. Keeping this in mind, we look beyond just collaborating on projects and continuously pursue shared growth with global partners who have not only passed the criteria for expertise and competency but also for environment and ethics.

Shared Growth

Genuine shared growth requires good communication, shared values and effective partnership management. Under the value of ‘pursuing shared growth through partnership and a culture of fair transaction,’ we explore ways to enhance the competitiveness of our partners, We seek genuine partnership with subcontractors to enter new markets together. We offer various support programs for our subcontractors.

Shared Growth Strategy


Shared growth for the best partnership


  • Remove violation risks by inspecting subcontracted transactions
  • Improve mutual competitiveness by supporting shared growth and collaboration activities


  • Subcontracting Law Compliance Activities

  • Support for Shared Growth

  • Communication Activities

We aim to help our subcontractors to secure competitiveness and grow together with us through various financial, technological and training programs. We explore ways to establish long-term partnership by entering overseas markets jointly.

Partner Support Plans

  • Financial Support
    • Provide zero to low interest rate loans
    • Relax payment conditions
    • Waive contract execution guarantee fees
    • Early payment in holiday season
  • Technology Development Support
    • Support joint development and technology development expenses
    • Subsidize technology protection costs
  • Overseas Market Entry Support
    • Provide opportunity to partners who wish to enter new overseas markets and expand their global business
  • Recruitment and Training Support
    • Online and offline job exhibitions
    • Support training
    • Provide assessment and consulting programs for ESG management

With the aim to practice corporate social responsibility and achieve continuous mutual growth while making exemplary achievements together with our partners, we have established the Business Partner Code of Conduct. It provides standards in areas such as human rights, labor, safety, health, environment and ethics for our partners to ensure that they strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations and engage in ethical business management. We distribute the Code to our partners in not only Korea but across the world and check and evaluate their compliance with the Code.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Fair Transaction

In accordance with our shared growth and fair transaction principles, we comply with principles and regulations to prevent any possibility of collusion and corruption with our partners and to ensure shared growth of all participants throughout the entire business process based on transparent transaction practices and ethical principles. To follow through, we have implemented four major commitments and standard subcontract agreement recommended by the Fair Trade Commission since 2012.

Four major commitments for Fair Transaction
  • Commitment to sign a contract that ensures mutual growth between large and medium/small companies
  • Commitment to select (register) subcontractors in a fair way
  • Commitment to establish and operate an internal evaluation committee for subcontracted transactions
  • Commitment to diligently issue and preserve letters related to subcontracted transactions