VES Copper Foil Phase 1~2 Project

  • Completion


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  • Business Portfolio

    Electric Components

  • Services

    P · C

  • Capacity

    Copper Foil 25,000 ton/y

  • Client

    Volta Energy Solutions Hungary

VES Copper Foil Phase 1~2 Project

The plant of Volta Energy Solutions Hungary in the Tatabanya (Gyemant Bath) Industrial Park located 70 km west of Budapest, Hungary, was built as the Plant 1 construction project worth 100 billion won, and has been producing battery foils, the key material for the anode in electric car batteries, since its completion in May 2020. The annual production capacity of Plant 1 is 10,000 tons. To meet the increasing demand for electric cars, Plants 2 and 3 will be built additionally to increase the total annual production capacity to 80,000 tons in 2024. Based on our experience with various IT industrial plants and in-depth understanding of production processes, we applied new innovative construction methods and implemented digital transformation (DT) to meet the needs of our clients and completed the project successfully.

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