Samsung Electronics Hwaseong E Wastewater Treatment Project

  • Completion


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  • Business Portfolio

    Water/Wastewater Treatment

  • Services

    E · P · C

  • Capacity

    Wastewater Treatment : 14,800 m³/d

  • Client

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Hwaseong E Wastewater Treatment Project

Samsung Electronics Hwaseong V1 Line in Hwaseong, Gyeonggido is a plant that mainly produces next-generation foundry products with the ultrafine EUV process that will lead the future of semiconductors. We were in charge of building the environmental facility for the state-of-the-art EUV line. This EPC project comprises the wastewater treatment facility, air pollution prevention facility and ultrapure water facility. Based on our extensive experience in the environmental sector and our in-depth understanding of the process, we provided design that can flexibly respond to the changes in the semiconductor production process and offered specialized technological knowhow, reinforcing our competitiveness in the environmental business area. In addition, considering that the plant is located close to a densely populated residential area and commercial facilities, the possibility of complaints regarding chemical substances and odor, and the safety of the residents, we applied a new deodorization technology and carried out 3D simulations on the noise impact to preemptively address civil complaints. Moreover, we responded to the stricter environmental regulations through continuous risk management and implementation of new technologies and construction methods, ultimately strengthening our project execution competitiveness.

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