Marubeni Textile Phase 3 Project

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    Industrial Manufacturing

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    Textile 10 million/Year

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    Marubeni corporation

Marubeni Textile Phase 3 Project

This project was aimed at constructing a 103-million-dollar textile plant in Dondo, Angola, which started in August 2013 and was completed in April 2016. It consisted the production factory and supporting infrastructure customized to the special characteristics of the African region, which included two knitted fabric and denim textile factory buildings, three warehouse buildings, industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities, boiler, power generation facility, maintenance building, and welfare facility. We applied our previous experience with the Angola Textile Phase-II Project to the project operation and focused on preemptive risk management. By mobilizing experts experienced with textile equipment and engineers who can swiftly respond to design modification issues, improving the construction method of structures, and ensuring meticulous management of procurement logistics and process, we were able to not only enhance quality but also raise client satisfaction. In addition, we recorded 3.5 million manhours without incidents, which exceeded the original target of 2.9 million, by implementing health and safety plans customized to the local characteristics and providing continuous environment and safety training in multiple languages.

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