S-Oil Onsan Refinery Expansion Project (SEP)

  • Completion


  • Location


  • Services

    E · P · C · Comm.

  • Capacity

    Para-Xylene : 900,000 MTPA
    Benzene : 280,000 MTPA

  • Client

    S-OIL Corp.

S-Oil Onsan Refinery Expansion Project (SEP)

SEP was our first project that exceeded a contract amount of 1 trillion won and also our first refinery complex EPC work. The FEED and detailed engineering were carried out simultaneously, and the Design PKG was completed in 8.5 months after the contract for the Licensor PKG was signed. The main construction work consisted of 1.713 million dia-inch of piping, 20,000 tons of structural steel, and 102,000 ㎥ of concrete. We mobilized an average of 3,500 to 3,800 workers per day for six months, achieving the feat of completing the construction work within two years from the site handover.

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